About Medcorp

30 years of experience in the medical devices market.

Medcorp was founded in 1993 with the mission of importing high-performance products for the nephrology medical devices market. During our business growth
over the years, we have expanded our operations to the oncology, intensive care and anesthesia segments.

Today, we have more than 800 active customers, between public and private hospitals, clinics and large corporate groups, with whom we have maintained a strong relationship for over 10 years.


Nossa equipe está dividida em dois endereços estratégicos:

Corporate Office
São Paulo / SP

Distribution Center
Diadema / SP

Distribuição para todo o país

Com logística própria ou terceirizada, entregamos em todo o Brasil, conforme a necessidade de cada cliente.

+ de 1.000 ANVISA Registration Codes

So each treatment has its specific product for a better performance.


We attend small meetings of medical practitioners, as well as large healthcare events, in order to connect and exchange with our customers.

Personalized Customer Service

We believe in the benefits of continuing education, which is why our team provides ongoing customer training, in order to help them to continually derive greater value from each product.

Custom projects for each type of product

We are always creating customers oriented solutions. For example, in addition to highlighting the benefits of the Tego® in our communications, we have created a calculator to show how much an institution can save each year by using the product. And to guarantee its best performance, we have produced and shared a tutorial video with all our clients.


Demand bids are tracked daily by our internal department specializing in the Public Sector.

Daily participation in federal, municipal, and state auctions.

Standardized training and support by our technical department.

Annual contracts monitoring.


All licenses and certifications, as well as registrations and processes, are continuously updated by our internal team of regulatory affairs.

Professional management with Family DNA

We seek the right balance between high performance and quality of life for our team. This, in addition to bringing great results, has made our employee turnover vitually zero from the date of the company’s foundation until today.

of our team has been at Medcorp for more than 15 years.


of our team has been at Medcorp for 10 to 14 years.


of our team has been at Medcorp for 6 to 9 years.


of our team has been at Medcorp for 1 to 5 years.

Data collected up to 2022.


We believe in equal opportunities for all.
Therefore, we maintain a good gender balance on our team.


Increasingly, the culture of sustainability is disseminated at Medcorp through our everyday actions and as part of our team’s and customers’ awareness.



Conscious consumption


Ethanol is use as fleet fuel


Monthly carbo footprint calculation


Energy savings


Replacement of disposable cups


Sustainability committee


Water saving taps


Electronic waste disposal

Acquired by BUNZL in 2020.

After 27 years, Medcorp was acquired by Bunzl Plc, a focused and successful specialist international distribution and services group.
Bunzl healthcare sector represents around 10% of the total group revenues, having
invested over £600m in several healthcare acquisitions around the world since 2000.


revenue according to the Annual Report for 2020


One of the top business organizations listed on the London Stock Exchange


years of history



31 countries

that Bunzl is present


acquisitions since 2004